COVID-19 In-Person Worship Guidelines

To ensure the safety of our members and visitors, we have guidelines in place to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 while worshiping at church. In order to maintain the guidelines below, there will be limited seating during service. 

• Worship services will begin at 10am. There will be one designated entrance with signage into the church and one designated exit. 
• Prior to entering the building, masks that cover your mouth and nose are required, we will provide if needed.
• Families or singles will be seated by ushers in designated seats.  Social distancing will be observed.
• Every person will apply hand sanitizer upon entry at the designated sanitizer stations.
• Ushers and greeters will serve as attendants at all door entrances and monitor those areas.  There should be no more than two individuals allowed in the restrooms at one time. 
• Ushers and greeters will enforce these guidelines and ensure there are no huddles, hugging or handshaking in the church.
• An offering container will be placed at the entrance way and individuals can give upon entrance to the worship service.
• No usage of water fountains, bottled water will be made available if needed.
• Asking everyone to please go straight to your cars upon completion of worship service.